Walker, Justin

Law Firm: Walker Law

Justin Walker, a born and raised Californian, has a passion for fighting against bullies. Justin founded Walker Law with this goal in mind – to fight for the rights of the average citizen. He graduated from University of California Riverside and moved to Texas to attend the prestigious University of Texas School of Law, where he held numerous leadership positions and graduated with top honors. Justin moved back to California and has been a fierce advocate and trial attorney ever since. He has a reputation for commanding a court room, and has experience litigating a variety of cases including complex business disputes, employment discrimination, personal injury, civil rights issues, and contract disputes. Prior to attending law school, Justin received dual bachelor’s degrees from The University of California at Riverside. He maintains degrees in both Business Administration as well as Psychology: Law and Society. Justin’s background in business and psychology allow him to analyze even the most complex scenarios with the precision and expertise to obtain superior results.

Appears in

Justin Walker, Kyle Sherman & David deRubertis Confirmation – 4 Months of Employment = $4.1MM Wrongful Termination Verdict – 12/16/20