Uustal, John

Law Firm: Kelley Uustal Trial Attorneys

John Uustal grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, when it was a small town on the edge of the wild. He was educated for justice at Georgetown University, and before that by his mother who was a teacher and his father who was a coach. He has won some of the largest verdicts ever against the most powerful companies in the world. His cases have been featured on national television news and in newspapers across the globe. He teaches trial skills to audiences all over the country, and he has been named a Lawyer of the Year by America’s Best Lawyers. He specializes in cases that supposedly can’t be won, for families that can’t afford to lose. His successes have resulted in safer fuel tanks, safer seatbelts, safer medical care, and safer equipment for firefighters. His losses have given him insight into the corporate capture of America, and the effect that has had on hard-working people like those who live in his old neighborhood, where he is still known only as Mrs. Uustal’s son, or Coach Uustal’s boy.

Appears in

John Uustal & John Gomez – $27 Million Settlement in a Case Declined By Multiple Lawyers – 02/12/21