Plotkin, Harry

Law Firm: Your Next Jury Trial Consultant

Harry Plotkin is a jury consultant in Los Angeles but practices nationwide. Mr. Plotkin specializes in jury research, assisting trial attorneys in jury selection, and developing persuasive trial themes and opening statements. Harry is a nationally-renowned jury consultant and leading voice in the field of jury decision-making, psychology, and persuasion. He has helped shape the outcome of over one thousand trials across the country in nearly every state.

Appears in

John Gomez, Jessica Sizemore & Harry Plotkin – $16.2M Mild TBI Verdict in Slip & Fall – 05/05/21 Jordanna Thigpen, Jordan Gonzales & Harry Plotkin – Monster Beverage – $9.5M (plus $8 million in lawyer’s fees) – Right of publicity lawsuit in San Diego – 05/21/21