Parris, Khail

Law Firm: Parris Law Firm

Khail grew up a lawyer. He spent each night discussing the law and legal theory with his family at the dinner table. So, it was only proper that he continue his studies at Pepperdine Law School. While still in school, Khail began his legal career at the Van Nuys City Attorney’s Office working cases of Driving Under the Influence and sex crimes. Throughout his tenure, he not only was the only law clerk to try cases to verdict, but he also never lost a trial. Khail went on to graduate from Pepperdine Law School as a member of the dean’s list and joined his family in the practice of law. He is a member of MENSA, the largest and oldest advanced IQ society in the world. Khail works in the firm’s personal injury department, handling catastrophic injuries and products liability.

Appears in

Khail Parris & Bruce Schechter – Defense Opening Statement – Trucking – 04/15/20 Khail Parris & Bruce Schechter – Litigation – Trucking – 04/21/20 Khail Parris & Bruce Schechter – Killer Depo Cuts – 05/11/20 Khail Parris & Bruce Schechter – Killer Zoom DME Depos – 06/29/20 Justin Kahn & Khail Parris – Powerful Presentations (Part 1) – 06/10/20 Justin Kahn & Khail Parris – Powerful Presentations (Part 2) – 06/29/20 Khail Parris & Eric Wilson – Preparing Your Experts for Deposition and Trial – 10/15/20 Rex Parris & Khail Parris – Proving Invisible Injuries, Doubling the Value of Your Case – 11/16/20 Roger Dodd, Rex Parris, and Khail Parris – Cross Examination of a Bariatric Expert and an Economist – 12/02/20 Khail Parris & Eric Wilson – Defense Medical Exams: Protecting Your Client Before the Exam Ever Starts – 02/11/21 Alex Wheeler, Jason Fowler & Khail Parris – Collecting 500X the Policy Limits: Anatomy of an Open Policy Trial, from Filing of the PI Case all the Way to Bad Faith Litigation – 04/02/21