Lowe, Jeremiah

Law Firm: Gomez Trial Attorneys

Jeremiah Lowe is a senior trial attorney and partner at GTA who dedicates his practice to helping victims of personal injury, with a specialty in spinal and orthopedic injury. Having a mom who is a therapist and a dad who is a trial lawyer, Jeremiah grew up seeing firsthand how they helped people through traumatic life circumstances, which helped shape Jeremiah’s passion of helping victims of trauma from an early age. Jeremiah earned his law degree from California Western School of Law in 2005. Since joining Gomez Trial Attorneys in 2009, Jeremiah has managed to resolve hundreds of cases with favorable results. He has also had tremendous success taking cases to trial. Since 2018, Jeremiah obtained several seven figure verdicts totaling over $12 million. His success in the courtroom and in settling cases comes from working closely with his clients to understand not only the facts of the case but who the client is to understand their needs during such challenging circumstances in life. Jeremiah is a member of the Firm’s dedicated Coronavirus litigation group where he focuses on wrongful death and personal injuries caused by the negligent transmission of the Covid-19 virus.

Appears in

John Gomez & Jeremiah Lowe – Closing Argument – Premises Liability – 05/05/20 Jeremiah Lowe, Gavin Long & Jude Basile – Wrongful Death/Suicide – 9/24/20 Gavin Long & Jeremiah Lowe – Drug Rehab Suicide $11,000,000 Verdict – 10/09/20 Jeremiah Lowe & Victoria Lazar – $575,000 Verdict on a 1.7 mph Impact for a 75 Year Old – 03/30/21