Kramer, Daniel

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Daniel Kramer is a trial lawyer who specializes in representing families and individuals involved in catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death matters, as well as employment discrimination and retaliation lawsuits. Daniel has obtained numerous jury verdicts as lead counsel, all victories on behalf of his clients. Multiple verdicts have been featured in both The Daily Journal, Verdict Search, The Huffington Post, and Fox 11 News. Five verdicts were ranked as the top 50 verdicts in the state of California for 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 by From 2013-2020, Daniel has been consistently honored as a “Top Attorney” in personal injury and employment law by Pasadena Magazine, which reached out to thousands of lawyers from all over the Los Angeles and Pasadena vote for the “most esteemed and highly regarded attorneys” in their chosen fields. Dan was distinguished for his “exceptional service” in his specialties

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Dan Kramer & David deRubertis – Opening Statement – Disability Discrimination – 05/08/20 Victor George & Dan Kramer – Non-Economic Damages – 08/07/20 Victor George & Dan Kramer – Non-economic Damages (Part 2) – 08/13/20 David deRubertis & Dan Kramer – Employment School (Part 2) – 08/06/20 David deRubertis – Cross Exam – Wrongful Termination – 04/23/20 Lourdes DeArmas and Ashley Laiken – Slip & Fall resulting in CRPS diagnosis – 09/25/20 Daniel Kramer & Teresa Johnson – $2.2M Slip & Fall against LAX – 11/05/20 Olivier Taillieu & Dan Kramer – $29,000,000 Mild TBI Trial – 12/15/20 Olivier Taillieu and Dan Kramer – $29,000,000 Mild TBI Trial Part 2 – 01/07/21 Patrick Malone & Dan Kramer – Cross-Examining the “independent” medical examiner – 1/28/21 Dan Kramer, Teresa Johnson & Sean Claggett – $2.9M Non-Economic Construction Site Fall Verdict – 02/05/21 Nick Rowley, Haytham Faraj, Lance Behringer & Dan Kramer – Turning a $15,000 Offer into a $13,000,000 Verdict in a Premises Trial – 02/22/21 Tom Feher & Dan Kramer – Overcoming the Improbable at Trial: $1.1 Million Verdict Where Plaintiff Rear Ended a Truck, Had Subsequent Injuries, Social Media Impeachment, and More! – 03/23/21 Matt Whibley, Kenneth Traynham & Dan Kramer – $1,900,000 Mild TBI Verdict in Orange County – 03/26/21