Fried, Joseph A.

Law Firm: Fried Goldberg LLC

Joe Fried is regarded as one of the top truck crash lawyers in the country today. His passion for what he does is palpable, and his reputation speaks for itself. In addition to being one of the top attorneys in the nation, Joe is a recognized highway safety advocate and educational leader, sharing his knowledge with other lawyers on how to maximize results in trucking litigation. He has litigated cases in more than 30 states with record results and has given over 300 presentations to lawyer, judge, and police audiences on trucking and trial-related topics. To help lawyers represent their client’s better against billion-dollar trucking giants, Joe co-authored with his partner, Michael Goldberg, Understanding Motor Carrier Claims. Now in its sixth edition, the book’s tactics have been used by thousands of lawyers throughout the U.S. To read Joe’s full bio visit

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