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Developing Your Claims and Preparing for Their Defenses – Rahul Ravipudi, Paul Traina, Ian Samson, Sonia Chopra

In February 2017, Craig Sherwood, a 37-year-old real estate agent from Toronto, was killed at SpeedVegas when the 2015 Lamborghini Aventador he was driving struck a barrier, causing the fuel tank to fail and starting a fire. Representing Mr. Sherwood’s heirs, PSBR partner Rahul Ravipudi and attorneys Paul Traina and Ian Samson litigated the case […]

Elevating the Employment Case: How to Turn a Low Wage Worker’s Termination into a 34.5M Verdict – Dustin L. Collier, V. Joshua Socks, Elizabeth R. Malay, Brian C. Mathias, and Drew F. Teti

Employment defense counsel – and the claims adjusters who oversee their work – often equate fair settlement value with an assessment of the Plaintiff’s economic damages alone. They often suggest that noneconomic damages should be valued at or near a 1:1 ratio with economic damages. ​These calloused souls have lost all semblance of humanity. The […]

How to Succeed and Win Your Case In the First 60 Days – Ryan Casey & Erika Contreras

This webinar will cover the broad range of evidence (photos, surveillance video, ECM) that is critical to gather shortly after an incident occurs to set your case up for success. PSBR attorneys Ryan Casey and Erika Contreras will address a variety of scenarios from traffic collisions to premises liability cases. They will discuss what depositions […]

California Ablaze: A Primer on Assessing Damages Due to Utility-Caused Wildfires – Lyssa Roberts, Rachel Gezerseh, Melody Saadian

 Public utilities and their aging infrastructure are responsible for igniting six of California’s 20 most destructive wildfires since 2015, killing nearly 200 people and causing over $10 billion in property damage throughout the state. With little effort to address failing equipment or wildfire mitigation, these companies are expected to continue to be the source of […]

Jury Damages – John Campbell, Valerie Hans, David Ball, and Artemis Malekpour

Join John Campbell as he brings together one of the nation’s leading and most respected jury researchers -- Cornell Law School’s Professor Valerie Hans -- along with leading trial consultants David Ball and Artemis Malekpour for this informative and unique session on how jurors decide money for damages. You’ll learn about the psychology behind promising […]