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Neely vs Caltrans – $16.4M Tree Fall Verdict – Brett Schreiber and Ibiere Seck

Our plaintiff was a 75 year old biker granny riding her Harley Davison motorcycle northbound on a rural two lane road in north San Diego county when suddenly a several thousand pound tree limb landed on top of her, bursting her thoracic spine and rendering her a paraplegic. She also suffered a femur fracture, tib/fib […]

A Motorcycle Case Study From MILs to Verdict – Robert Glassman & Jon Davidi

In LeClair v. Morton, PSBR partner Robert Glassman and attorney Jonathan Davidi tried their case in a conservative California venue and obtained a jury verdict in excess of $1.6 million for a motorcyclist who suffered a hip and knee injury.  The verdict is significant in that it included $1.3 million in pain and suffering damages. During […]

$47M Respiratory Injuries Verdict – Brad Lakin, Rob Schmieder, John Campbell

On March 20, 2015, construction workers saw a strange red-orange plume coming from Dyno Nobel’s nitric acid plant next door. While evacuating his crew, Teddy Scott was hit by that smoke (NOx) and suffers from irritable larynx syndrome. Over the past six years, the judge dismissed the initial complaint, ordered Teddy to undergo four defense […]

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Expert Witnesses, and Sub Rosa – Adam Shea & Nicholas Yoka

In Green v. Navab, PSBR partner Adam Shea and attorney Nicholas Yoka obtained a $2.8 Million verdict in a case where the plaintiff’s Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) was hotly contested. There were competing arguments relating to how CRPS is diagnosed and what the criteria are for the diagnosis, and whether treatment had so significantly […]